life as of late.

Today's Blogtember topic: a life lately post. 

Besides the normal activities that I am constantly updating you all on you mean? Well we actually have BIG things happening. Big exciting things that I've yet to mention on this here blog of mine. 

We are, drum roll please..... moving! Our current home was listed on the market last Monday. We are purchasing a home about a half hour away. In a town that currently boasts as it's residents my parents and my sister and her husband. We have been wanting to move closer to my family for a few years now, and after the stress of last year it just became evident to us that that drive was simply a drive we did not want to make in an emergency. Plus we are visiting them sometimes three but more likely five times a week and it just seems silly when our only tie to this location is our wonderful neighbors. Don't get me started on that I won't be able to handle leaving them. I cry whenever I think about it. I maintain that I shall call them my neighbors even when I am long gone from this development. So. Besides being closer to our family we were looking for another bedroom and just more space. It amazes me how a family of four can collect so much stuff.

So moving. This is the house:

Ain't it perdy? For those that are in the know, you may recognize this as my older brother's living quarters. His Hotel California as it were. The things we love about it: first floor living space for a play room, a two-story foyer, a first floor office, four bedrooms, a large kitchen with island, a larger deck, a fence, a hot tub, large soaking tub in master bath, two minutes from my sister, seven minutes from my parents. Happy sigh.

And that my friends, is what my life has been all about lately (other than making sure the two monkeys live through the day). It involves de-cluttering, staging, packing, moving and all that other wonderful stuff.

Tomorrow's post, review schtuff.