letty cam

It's been awhile since I've posted one of these... partially because she's learned how to take video and she has been recording some very disturbing things, and partially because I just haven't gotten around to weeding through 217 images. Some things to not make the cut today include mommy after a workout, many many shots of Letteria's lip cut from a grotesque angle, naked dolls and a few of the broken glass table that caused said cut. These are the ones I deem worthy enough for andiamo.

//beautiful nonna and magnetic princess doll\\



//daddy after a long day at work\\

//headless aunt holly and wine and chalkboard wall\\

//family with mower toy\\

//naked belle\\

//mommy with her cheese after a very long car ride\\


//uncle scoops and beans\\

//daddy reads to d\\

//strawberries peaches\\

Pictures of peaches? I foresee a future blogger.