just raising ovarian cancer awareness

So we are a family that runs. That's a fact. Countless runs in. This is one that meant the most to us personally. It was a run thrown by the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition on this past Sunday. If you've been around here for the long haul you may have heard that my mom had ovarian cancer. She kicked that nonsense to the curb. It was obviously something that struck us all quite deep. So when we found this little run we were all about it. It was the first day of Fall after all and a nice crisp morning. See what I did there? Rhyming MACHINE.

After my father's stroke my sister and I forbid him to run alone on these things. Especially since 90% of it was ran on wet grass with a stray stump or two thrown in. Oh and hills. 

//Our shadows. The three musketeers. \\

Get this! Three out of the five of us placed! All first placers in their age bracket. Woot!

The color of the day was teal. Pink for boobs. Teal for ovarian.

//the nocc was kind enough to send home a survivor bag for my mom. Because she IS a survivor.\\

//award ceremony\\

//the placers\\

//my dad's medal. #winning\\

So. Ovarian Cancer awareness. No joke. Symptoms according to the NOCC:

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Trouble eating or feeling full quickly
  • Feeling the need to urinate urgently or often
If this stuff continues for two weeks call a doctor. Just call. For my mom. Call. 



  1. Oh my gosh Sarah I need to apologize! I have read and responded to every single comment you've ever made on my posts but I never realized you weren't getting notified till tonight! It's some email setting thing Jenni talked about here: http://storyofmylifetheblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/a-rant-about-blogger-comments-are-you.html?m=1

    You must think I'm awful!

  2. LOVE this. So happy to see you at the NOCC run. I am so bummed I had to miss it this year, but I normally participate for a co-worker/friend of mine because he lost his mom. Mad props to your mom...keep doing your thing girl. Love to find other runners and now you're stuck with me following your blog. :)


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