it looka like a pumpkin

I give you: my first DIY!!!! Bear with me here this is quite the intense and detailed process. This is what I made:

Yes. I made a pumpkin. A want-to-be mercury glass pumpkin ala Pottery Barn. See the resemblance?

I did it with cheapo foam-like pumpkins from Christmas Tree Shoppes. $1.99. Big spender I am.

I started off by spraying them with this metallic silver paint we had. Till I ran out. Then I finished off the nekkid spots with flat white. Why not? Potato. Patato. Here are some images of what it looked like.

And then just like that! Silver. With some white.

Time passed. You see once you paint something it must dry. One must also attend to children when they are awake so this little pro-ject was then moved inside to the garage. Don't we have a nice garage floor? Add it to the list of things Handy Matty has done. Back to the task at hand. I used leftover Krylon Looking Glass spray (from a failed Christmas ornament attempt) that you can get anywhere stuff like this is sold. This one probably came from Hobby Lobby. Because that store.... Oh man. Anyways so spray away.

This is where I get annoyed. Right at this very second. You spray with water. Water with vinegar? Just plain water? I tried both. I think the water with vinegar was more effective. I didn't let the Krylon spray dry. As soon as I could put the one can down I picked up the spray bottle and went to town. As soon as I could put that down I dabbed the pumpkin with a paper towel. I did this a few times. Till I threw my hands up in disgust and went back inside to my wine.

This is what it looks like in my house. Not quite the same as Pottery Barn. But it costs me something around $6 so I think: #winning!