farewell to DW?

As the summer rolls to an end it's only natural that we have a farewell to the summer staple, otherwise known as Dutch Wonderland. I did have a moment of nostalgia when I realized that this past Sunday could quite possibly be the last visit to DW... till Halloween that is.

It wouldn't be a trip to Dutch Wonderland without the Fitzs eh? It was after all Liam's actual birthday so what better place to spend it than DW? There were rides. There was food. There were a few meltdowns. It was an exhaustingly fun day. But what better way to wrap up the summer?

//possibly the favorite ride of the summer: the whip.\\

//hard to believe at the beginning of the summer he was on baby food and couldn't walk.\\

//to you. you 89 cent fountain soda you. i applaud you.\\

//by summer's end she can drive her own car!\\

//carousels are still a thing of confusion.\\

//quite possibly my favorite photos ever.\\

//let's just... i mean. i can't.\\

//we are really. really royal!\\

//i have absolutely no idea. but he did this to himself.\\

//proof! she has hugged her most favorite of mascots twice this summer. this was the second time.\\

//yes ms. letteria\\

//after four months of convincing the children we don't in fact have money for this we finally gave in.\\

So Dutch Wonderland? Thank you for this summer. Thank you for the memories that we can never recreate or forget. Thank you for the cheap fountain sodas and dollar popcorn refills. Thank you for the water park and Mmm Bop. Thank you for Princess Brooke and the leverage that gave me with potty training. Thank you for those lovely homemade pretzels that only cost an arm but not our leg. Thank you for all those lovely New Yorkers and Girl Scout troops that entertained our weekday visits. Thank you for that Silo Slide and the anxiety it gave me every time that Letty went up there (RAILING!). Thank you for not opening any of your stands until 11:30 a.m. even though we had all been there for an hour and a half. Thank you for the 10% off because I am a season pass holder. Thank you for the song 'Really Royal' which will be a part of my dreams from now till eternity. What a great time we had this summer. I had an emo moment when D was walking around the park and would stop and dance on every fallen leaf. Tis Fall I suppose. See you at Happy Hauntings!

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