fall decor ya'll

It's holiday season baby!

From now till January my house will be spilling over with all things festive. First up is good ole Fall. My favorite season as far as outside goes. I love the leaves and pumpkins and yummy smelling candles. I've already created my Fall and into Christmas Calendar of Events and we are quite booked up. We've got a very exciting holiday season coming up! Keeping traditions alive, etc. 

I usually try and wait till September 1 to change the decor around but I just couldn't quite help myself (as usual) and it went up the end of last week. My new favorite item is that cutest of the cute owl. I see owls everywhere. I also brought down all the fall/Halloween books. Not enough in my opinion. Never enough books. 

So I give you: child friendly Fall decor/clutter:



  1. Never enough books is right!

    UM, loving all of this! I waited until September 2nd, which is pretty much a record for me. Fall is my favorite time of year!


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