fall bucket list

I love Fall. I love lists. I love Brittany from Life of Charmings and when she did this today I thought: oh me too me too! And the kids are both knee deep in quiet time so what else to do when one's brain is scattered? Oh that's right. It's The Making of The Lists Time. And also a Viewing of Last Year's Fall Pics Time. All photos courtesy of Wishbone Photography.

//letteria clearly feels as excited as i do about lists\\

- Pumpkin picking and hayrides with friends that are like family and family of the blood variety. 
- Celebrate two friends as they soon will become four friends. 
- Apple cake making and eating 
- Carving of pumpkins
- Corn Cob Acres with the kids. It's a first time thing. 
- Get David his Darth Vader costume because so help me I WILL have a Darth Vader baby at some point in my life. Letteria has decided upon Princess Sofia. For the past two days. 
- Gettysburg day tripping with my long lost blogging sister
- Fall photo shoot with kids that I shall attempt to do myself. No reason to torture my poor sister-in-law again. 
- Create one of those stove top potpourri things I see all over Pinterest. 
- Apple. Dumplings. 
- Manheim Farm Show and those milkshakes and those animals. 
- Get a card for Matt's birthday. Have kids sign it.
- Second Friday in Lititz
- Happy Hauntings at DW at least twice maybe three times. 
- Get back into schedule with toddler gyms and story hours.
- Casper viewing!
- Do many more fall chalkboard walls.

Oh yes and pack and move and all that other detail-oriented and not quite so festive stuff. Happy Fall Ya'll!