en-no wedding

Remember how I told you about my sister's good people's that she has? Well we were all kindly invited to be a big part of Julie and Quint's oh so special day on Saturday. 

I didn't bring my camera because well... I am insecure about it and I didn't have a wedding-appropriate bag. So pardon the iPhone quality photos. Oh and lots of these were taken by Ashley's iPhone. Now that that's done. Ahem. 

The ceremony and reception were at the same location, (this is my favorite type of wedding) The Ironstone Ranch. Everything about this day screamed Julie and Quint. At least from what I know of them. It was laid-back. Casual. Unique. Funny. They wrote their own vows and I might have teared up a time or two. The bridesmaids even had visuals. Typical. 

My sister was quite concerned my father would be hit by a rogue apple, as the ceremony was in an orchard. So naturally we had to give her a hard time by placing an apple on his head when she walked down the aisle. 

The cocktail hour was just down the lane a piece. Wine. Some phenomenal finger foods. And an ass. 

//my brother-in-law the photo bomber\\

Have I mentioned it was humid? Thanks Central PA for fooling us into thinking it was Fall for a millisecond. Moving inside and feeling that glorious bounty of air conditioning on us was the. Best. Feeling. 

Cowbell! We need more cowbell! Instead of clinging silverware on glasses we got cowbells! I only talked like Christopher Walken for half the night. Maybe. 

//the beautiful bride and groom\\

//she's attached to these two\\

//cin cin!\\

Great event you two! Well done. And now they are off to a Mexican adventure. I hope there is a lot of beach time and a lot of margaritas in your future! Thanks for inviting the Trovato clan and allowing us to help celebrate your big day!

If you're still with me... tomorrow marks the start of Blogtember. Similar to Blog Every Day in May but with weekends off. Jenni at Story of My Life gives us a topic. We do it. No questions asked. First up? Where I come from. Dun dun dun!