do it all over again

Today's post topic: a memory you would love to relive. 
Who wouldn't want to relive their wedding day? The first time they met their daughter? Their son? The first time they heard their future husband say I love you? Those are all well and good and wonderful. But in an effort to stay shallow I will elect a "lighter" event. Our European Cruise circa 2007. Matt and I had only been married seven months or so and we took off with my family for two weeks to tour Europa Carnival style. To say we are a family of cruisers is quite the understatement. I think the majority of us have been on almost ten cruises. Each. But this was one for the books.
The month was June and into July. The year 2007. The cruisers included my immediate family, grandparents, and great aunt. The ship was called the Carnival Freedom. This ship traveled out of Civitavecchia (Rome-ish) to Naples, Sicily, Venice, Dubrovnik, Cannes, Barcelona, Florence. Etc. 
We held the largest and bumpiest lemons I've ever seen. We visited Pompeii. We ate in Sorrento. We rode the tram in Capri. My younger brother perfected his Robert Goulet's Big Papa. We sailed right on in to Venice. We celebrated the Fourth of July there. We rode in a gondola and ruined any chance of romance my parents had. I dragged everyone to a statue I had missed on my prior two visits to Venice. We saw the gorgeous islands surrounding Croatia. We rode in a jeep until one almost blew up. We laughed so hard we almost cried. We all watched as Beth indulged in her first shot. We sang along with an Irishman who sounded just like Frank Sinatra. We saw where our great-grandparents hailed from, Messina. We felt the dry heat of Taormina. We ran out on the deck and watched Stromboli, the volcanic island, as we floated on by. We formed a congo line on the way to quickly tour Barcelona, including a wander down the infamous Ras Lambas. We all visited a vineyard and sipped wine in Provence. We stood on the steps where the Cannes Film Festival is held. It only took four trips to Florence but I finally made it into the Uffizi Gallery. We did this and so much more. And it was fantastic. The definition of fantastic.
Oh! And we all wore red for our flight. We are the best.
And now! Photos! The biggest photo bomb ever!

Tomorrow's topic, just some photos.