dear so and so (yes i cheat on this one)

Dear Chapstick,
Oh how I love you. Let me count the ways...
You are always near me. Even if you are forgotten, (an action that torments my dreams) you are still with me in my thoughts. You are always waiting for me. In my winter coat pockets, in my purses, on my nightstand, in the bathroom, in the diaper bag, in my pocket, you never fail me. You always bring such instant relief. My lips always give out a happy sigh when you are near.
You and I have been together since the harsh winters of Maine when I was just a child. I remember using you during high school classes when you were attached to my key chain. Back then I used to try to make you into strange shapes. Remember that?
When I heard that there may be an ingredient in you which caused temporary relief and in fact dried out lips more I ignored the rumors. I know your love is true. You would never do such a wretched thing. And if you do I don't care. We have been through too much my friend.
I have always been faithful to you, my original black. All other brands pale in comparison. You are my one and my only. 

Here's to a long life together! Cin cin!
Tomorrow's topic, something I would like to relive.