dear facebook

Today I am told I should write a letter to my Facebook friends.

Hey you, Facebook User. 

Yeah you. I like you. I may even love you. You may be a member of my family but more than likely you are my friend. I've gone through several severe friend cleanses through the years (imagine The Soup Nazi. NO FB FOR YOU!) so if you are still seeing me on your timeline then I really have no complaints. If I did have a complaint about something you were doing I would probably have blocked you and miraculously disappeared off the face of Facebook Planet. 

So I guess just keep doin' you. Living the dream if you will. It's just Facebook after all. We should all just take it less seriously.

Love Your Facebook Friend Forever,

Oh poop. I just saw this was supposed to be anonymous. How is that supposed to work?!

Monday's (and final) topic, something old and yet meaningful.