creative writing 101

Today's Blogtember topic involves writing a creative story off of a sentence given by The Creator, Jenni. She gave us the first sentence of the below "story" and might I just say, I apologize. Creative writing is not really more forte.

To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century. There is clearly not enough wine in the world to make this go smoothly or any less awkwardly. But I am certainly going to try. The wine part. I may or may not have secretly hidden wine into my water jug for the ride over. Maybe. Hey sometimes a little wine can just take the edge out of my voice. 

The People. They enter. I try to not make eye contact because I know what they will see there. Disgust. Disgust at all the pain and aggravation they've caused lately. They'll know this disgust is directed towards them, not that they'll understand why. They'll use it as ammunition, I just know it. People like them always do. I focus on the condensation forming on my water glass... I send silent thoughts to the hostess: send wine! send wine!

The hostess casually places a large tumbler full of white wine directly in front of me. I shoot her a look of pure gratitude. My mind starts to wander. Anything to not have to listen to the shallow and most likely fake conversations going on around me. I consider what I will have for dinner tomorrow. I recite lyrics from a song I heard on the way over. I am somewhere on an island in the Pacific when I hear my name. I steel myself. I take a deep breath and practice a smile. I turn my head...

The end. I think I get a big fat F on this project because well. You read it you know.

Tomorrow's topic, react to comfort.