choo choo look who's two

This was a mostly Fitz weekend. I enjoy when these things happen. Saturday was our dear neighbor's 2nd birthday party. Now we Olsens love a good Fitz party and have been enjoying them for many years. This was no different. You think kids would slow them down? Nah. 

Everything was train themed. Quite possibly because Liam's favorite word other than 'yeah' is choo choo! He's quite the Thomas fanatic. Isn't that train of snacks quite the deal?

//Flock of seagulls. My child.\\

//Opening the first present of the day.\\


There were enough toys outside to occupy the kids for months. A bounce house. A Thomas roller coaster. Balls. Cars. A shovel. You name it. And the dirty feet to show for it. 

Cake time is always traumatic for Letty. The singing has affected her since birth. She has recently stopped crying during the song and has taken to hiding. There was singing and clapping and isn't Liam just the cutest big boy?

//We match. Great minds what can I say?\\

Gift time! Lots of trains and boy-related things. Things with wheels. And maybe some toy that is loud and shoots cars faster than the speed of light. I'm looking at you Poppop-Mimi.

//beautiful soles women\\

//aforementioned death trap car shooter\\

As always, thank you Fitzs for having us in your home! I forgot my chocolate covered pretzel favor bag with corresponding Thomas label! Gasp!

Oh. And happy birthday little man!