apple picking take one

I say take one because Fall has just begun and I go a bit nuts for Fall and all things that can fall (heehee) under the category of "traditions." We already have another date on our calendars to visit Cherry Hill Orchards but that time for pumpkins and hayrides. Today it occurred to me that my favorite variety of apple, the macintosh, might in fact be ripe. I was right. A quick text to my mom and we were off. Without my camera. Curses. Foiled again.

//first wellie wearing of the season and it's blurry because have i mentioned i forgot my camera?\\

//don't act like you haven't left the house looking like this\\

It really wasn't that exciting. I felt like they were picked over. David kept touching rotten apples. And I had forgotten my chapstick. Then I said the word 'pumpkin' and a certain three year old would not rest until she got to pick one out. I give in easily when decor is involved for myself. Win-win I always say. This place has a nice little store or farmer's market or outdoor market or whatever you want to call it. Pumpkins. Apples that someone else has picked for you. Etc. WAGONS.

//just a man and his purse.\\

//this was the winner!\\

Before we stopped for lunch we decided to let the kids check out That Fish Place. They got fake tattoos. Never saw that one coming did you? David thought his could be removed by the scratch and pull method. Letteria treated it like she had just had a surgical procedure.

Don't worry. These tats came right off in the tub. Duds if you ask me. Here's what my new pumpkin looks like on my stoop because I'm sure you are all waiting with baited breath. If you want to buy this house I am willing to throw in the pumpkin/mum display. It's a bargain.

In the immortal words of Christopher Walken... I think we need MORE PUMPKINS.