you gotta treat cake like a lady

Friday night we checked out this thing I've never done before. Taste the World. Second Fridays. In Lancaster. Pay a fee and walk around to different ethnic restaurants and try a small portion of whatever fits the theme of the month. August's theme is chill. So why not you know? Do it for the blog. 

Disclaimer: all selfies are taken by Kerri

The event was hosted (I guess?) by Tellus 360. Which is a pretty cool place in and of itself. You get your passport there. The first stop was in the store called Upohar Ethnic Cuisines. Oh let me preface this by saying that I am the pickiest eater ever and Kerri has a lactose intolerance. Smart right? So Upohar had Iraqi-style broiled eggplant with a garlic yoghurt sauce. I'll move on. 

Rachel's Cafe and Creperie had the most delicious fruit smoothie. We sweat a lot to get there. But yum. 

Mucho Mexico had Tres Leches Cake. Yum. Kerri couldn't have it and I continually kept rubbing it in her face because that's what the best of friends do. 

Hummus at Spyro Gyros. I took the tiniest of bites and then handed it to the Floridian. Because. I just couldn't. 

This. I can't even talk about it. But I must because it needs to be said. Rainbow ice from Noodle King. Kidney beans. Mungo beans. I won't go on because it was quite scary. The business next door had coffee and cookies and a trash can and thank you. 

La Dolce Vita. You made my cake for my 30th. You are an Italian bakery. So therefore I love you. You gave us gelato. We both chose the mixed berry. I want to hang out in there for a significant amount if time. It smells just like the bakeries on Long Island. If that's even a thing. 

Lastly was Arabian Knight Hookah & Coffee Lounge. We had black currant juice and some sesame cookie. Take the juice, leave the cookie. 

After all that we were still hungry and upon recommendation of my husband we hit up Hunger & Thirst. New. Ish. 

We did a couple of appetizers with our couple of beers. I did a Richard Cranium Rye and a Bitter American. 

Thanks Matt for watching those kids of ours. You are the best.