yeah i take that for granted

Another Wednesday another Whatever Wednesday topic. This week's is another serious one. What or who do I take for granted? I think most people that know me know that I take my husband for granted. Every single day. He is also aware of this. But as is my M.O. I shall opt for a more light-hearted take on today's topic suggestion. I am nothing if not a non-conformist. 

The following may come as a shocker to people and I am just warning you if you have a weak stomach please don't continue reading. Beth I am talking to you. Matt and I were discussing this, as we normally do every week and we may have had wine or maybe we didn't, but hell we live in Central Pennsylvania and there are few things that bother us more than flies. Check that. Yes I said flies. Black flies. Of the fly variety. There are a ton of them in these here parts and they really mess with our mojo. They taunt us. They ruin any sort of outdoor dinners we may wish to have. (I haven't actually had one of those dinners since we have moved in to our house. Let's just say there is a certain chicken barn within walking distance. Stink eye chicken barn.) Our evening deck times are plagued with the smell of citronella. So we decided that we take fly strips for granted. Go with me on this one here please. 

I Googled fly strips. Just because I think that's what one should do when one decides you take these things for granted. They are referred to as fly paper did you know that? Maybe you did and maybe I'm just ridiculously slow on the up take. So the definition according to the totally reliable source of Wikipedia

Flypaper (also known as a fly ribbon) is a fly-killing device made of paper coated with a sweetly fragrant, but extremely sticky and sometimes poisonous substance that traps flies and other flyinginsects when they land upon it. Fly paper is considered a pest control device, and is subject to regulation in the United States of America under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act[1]

So there you have it. That's what it is. But in our lives it is quite possibly the best thing since Netflix. Our garage looks like a scene from Seven. We've got at least a half dozen hanging from the ceiling. We up our electricity bill by leaving the lights on at all times as to maximize the fly genocide. These bastards are DONE. Fly strips are on the scene. Who you gonna call? Fly strips. 

I take these for granted. How so? Something as foul as a fly trap? Well I can't even say I hang them up because I don't (read first paragraph) but bottom line is they are hung and flies just die. Flies don't come in my kitchen. Flies don't land on my kid's highchair. Flies don't buzz my ear. Flies just don't anymore. And I trust these fly traps to do just that. To serve and protect. To keep my house clean. Have you ever Googled what happens every time a fly lands on something? It's disgusting and I bet you Googled it just now didn't you and are probably gagging all over the place. The terror needs to stop. Let's just all take a moment and applaud the unsung art of a fly strip. They really are the silent heros. 

God I love technology.

Sorry I can't take this one seriously. Or maybe I'm not sorry.