weekend of the catskills. part v

Sunday after a buffet breakfast we all headed home. Since our route would take us relatively close to Centralia we decided to pop over and see what it was all about. 

History lesson: Centralia is now an almost ghost town. A mine fire has been burning under the ground since 1962. Most of the houses have been condemned and/or destroyed. Only 10 people live there, or so we hear. 

We followed a sign that said 'fire' and came across what looked like just a hillside. We did see a few holes that were charred and smoking, but nothing crazy. We drove up and down the town roads and saw where driveways used to be....etc. Saw some windmills. I think windmills are crazy. Like crazytown crazy. So big. Big things.
Thanks to a few four-wheel-driving guys we were told about The Graffiti Highway. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Which if you are a true Boondock Saints fan you will know is painted on the wall in the room where Connor and Murphy go to pick out their weapons of choice. See below.
This is an old highway that is now overgrown and cracked. Buckled from the fires, etc. You can walk the entire thing and isn't this sweet? Locals have drawn lovely pictures for you to look at on your walk! Writing. Expletives. Genitalia. I tried really hard (ha ha) to not get any pictures of the penises but there was a lot of Richard out there. So if you have very innocent eyes don't look too closely.
Thanks for coming along for this Catskillian journey. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.