weekend of the catskills. part iiiv

Saturday I tested out my sea legs after a day of tummy troubles and attempted my 10 mile. Between the cold air, higher elevation than I'm used to and those flippin hills it was HARD work. I made 7 miles. Then my brother continued on for the gold with another 10. I envy that. I mean. Look at these hills:
Anyways after my run we grabbed some sandwiches from the deli on-site and then drove to Lake Superior State Park. We had the pleasure of driving through a hippie reunion. Welcome home you know? Man. The state park had picnic tables for our lunch and a playground for the kids. But no hiking for the adults. Not that John or I could have survived MORE hills. 
Down by the lake we found some row boats. Six bucks for an hour. That's a steal I'll tell you. Matt and I went out on one with my dad and Letteria and most definitely put it over the weight capacity. John, Beth and Colton took the other vessel. Also over capacity. My mom watched the squirmer otherwise known as David safely on shore. Letty lasted maybe 20 minutes. Not bad. 
We went back to the resort for another dip in the pool. This time both kids enjoyed. I bet you are so relaxed reading this post you're asleep aren't you? 
That was really all of our Saturday. Most of our vacations center around where we eat and what we eat. You're fascinated right? Tomorrow we check out Centralia.