weekend of the catskills. part iii

Leave it to Matt and I to find where the booze is on any vacation. We are like bloodhounds for it. I spent a decent amount of time googling where each place was located in relation to the Villa Roma and took notes. The Catskill Distilling Company was the best option. And no one had ever been to one before. It was one of the nicest facilities I saw in this region. In other words, it was clean, new, and kinda cool.

I can't speak to what the hooch tasted like because I'm not a liquor drinker. And I'm also not one who drinks when I feel ick. But I heard no complaints. 
Did you know this very weekend marked forty-four years since the original Woodstock? Fun fact. This original location just happened to be in Bethel which just so happened to be where the distillery was. No brainer. 

At first we checked out the outside of the museum. And maybe someone rolling a joint in a car. Maybe. 
Hard to image that big hill once covered with thousands of free loving youths. My mom was really reliving the glory days. 

Come on back tomorrow because we row a boat!