weekend of the catskills. part ii

Welcome back to another episode of as The Catskills Turns. Friday it is. Sadly I was battling a full on tummy issue at this point in our trip. If you're going to get sick I think having your own mommy around always makes it better. Mommys are the best. I blame the mozzarella for the cause. Because God is fair it's the mozzarella. My name is Laurie and I've been cheese-free for five days. 

Back to the story at hand. The adventure begins at Livingston Manor. Ron? Anyone? No? If Jeffersonville was a sleepy town than Livingston Manor was already conked out.

There was supposed to be a brewery in this town. Opening in the summer of 2013. Missed that deadline there pal. But there were two antique stores. Just two. Mom found some things. And Beth and Colton found an old globe. Pretty cool stuff. Don't let her sell that Colton. 

Then Uncle T made his appearance! A little lunch back in Jeffersonville. A little visiting. 

And a little swimming. David once again was an easy spirit and just loved the water. The splashing. The way it tasted. Letty didn't warm up until the second attempt. Naturally. She has to play hard to get. She is a lady after all. Thank you Colton for taking these for me!

Our Friday will continue on tomorrow with a distillery. Booze! Plus the original Woodstock site. It's a free concert man!