weekend of the catskills. part i

Last Thursday, my family in tow, we headed north towards New York for a mini vacation. My dad chose a slightly more relaxing option which is different for all of us. Our destination was the Villa Roma. I would describe it as a cruise ship on land. With maybe not the same caliber food/wait staff/cleanliness. But every other way. A permanent cruise ship. 

We arrived mid-afternoon Thursday after a three hour and something drive. In a place where reception for our cellphones went to die. (Do they still call it that? Reception? Or is it 3G? Service? I'm aging myself.) There are still places out there like that. Black holes for your phone. Callicoon, NY is such a place. 

At first glance we were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people swarming the pool. Ants. Scantily clad ants. It was like Dirty Dancing in the modern world. Except with heavy New York accents and a tad bit of whop thrown in. How YOU doin'?

After exploring the resort (bounce house AND ball pit?!) and unpacking we drove into the big city for dinner. Jeffersonville. Sleepy little town with a restaurant called Michelangelo's. At dinner time on a Thursday we may have been the only people there. 
It was packed as you can see. We retired early due to a certain tired toddler. Traveling is the best with tired toddlers isn't it? Letty really waved her insubordinate flag this weekend.  Beth and Colton joined us later that night since those responsible ones had to work. Early to bed because, well, early to rise. 
Relaxing day one. Tomorrow? We antique. Swim. You know. That stuff.