thank you

To General Mills... I thank you for the creation of chocolate Cheerios, without which my son would starve. And you too Gyro Bowl. You sassy thing you.

To my heating pad, for being my near-constant companion these past few days. Apparently an out-of-place vertebrae and rotated hips take some time to heal. You are helping this process.

To Olympus Has Fallen, for making Matt and I laugh when we really could use one. And for Gerard Butler, for ever and ever. 

To Spicy Ranch and Lactaid for complimenting Matt's cheese quesadilla's so nicely. Without you I would be unable to enjoy them. Okay unable to enjoy them as much.

To Grace over at Camp Patton, for always making me snicker and also for making me feel like 1) I'm not crazy...2) yes, this is real life...and 3) no, I'm not alone. I only wish we lived close by so we could commiserate in person. Although Letty might beat Julia senseless because that's how she rolls. Gangsta. 

To Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle, for making my little boy a reader. And quite the good page turner. Oh and all those beeps. Those are fun too. Also pictured below something I am not thankful for, those little wisps of hair that are NOT in fact bangs. Postpartum fun fun fun. 

To Icona Pop, for giving my rude little daughter one more thing to inform us.  Yeah I love it too. This one may not be sincere.

To Matt, for moving my living room furniture around for me and letting me scratch my restlessness itch. 

To my first mum, because yay! It is fall. Almost. I jump the gun here at andiamo when it comes to holidays. And stuff. Coming up on my favorite four months of the year.

To you, you new ceiling fan you. It's a hell of a lot cooler in here now that you've arrived. Job well done. 

To all of the above, my sincerest gratitude. Without you my life would be just a shadow of a life. Also, I have never been told that I am dramatic.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!