how my kids see me

I only took 23 photos. Anyone else care to chime in with their "number"? I chose this one out of said 23 because I think it sums up my feelings on the topic suggestion for today. 

I'm pretty sure my kids think my new camera is becoming a part of my face. Perhaps as much as the iPhone? A few things about the subject of this photo today (me): 

- the only reason that I have makeup on is because I am going totake these two monkeys of mine out to lunch with my red-headed expecting high school friend (friend SINCE high school she's not IN high school) Nothing like trial by fire amiright!? Gird your loins Bam. It gets ugly. 

- my OTHER dear high school friend will probably cringe at the state of affairs my hair is in. I do not blow dry it but it'll end up straight just the same. I desperately need a highlight or two around my face and I'm sure she would love to take her scissors to my length (she's a fabulous hair dresser. My hair and it's stubborn head has been torturing her since 2001. Perhaps earlier.) 

- I frequently leave the house with wet hair. What of it?

- I wrote this post while on our morning constitutional. Pushing a double stroller and using my iPhone simultaneously since 2012. Booya. 

By the way... Is it Fall? The breeze here today certainly feels like it. I see boots in my near future. Anyways. 

Happy Friday! If you got a hat- use your hat. 

Monday's topic, a love letter.