my totally random weekend

It's strange to have a Monday and not have some kind of "big" weekend round-up but we tried to stay low-key this particular weekend because that's a rare thing. And yet we were still busy every night. Funny how that happens. 

Pardon my randomness. But here goes. 

- We moved my sister-in-law and brother-in-law into their new home! Yay new home! We provided some manpower...they provided some wine. It was win-win. Everybody deserves some happy and this house has happy written all over it. Even their golden doodle agrees. And he's a character that one.

- David currently had a full head of crazy Olsen hair. It's in his genes. His Grandpa had crazy Olsen hair. His great Uncle has the crazy Olsen hair. It's blonde. It sticks out whether there is maple syrup in it or not. I love seeing parts of his Grandpa make an appearance in him. It's the greatest. 

- That coffee table? It got picked up like a bad habit right off our curb. Within an hour. Also taken recently? A broken freezer. Dumpster Divers unite! Except we don't have a dumpster. No coffee table means we had to have my electrician extraordinaire of a father switch up some low hangers (lights) and add a fan. We love fans. Air blowing. 

- I'm currently icing/heat padding/medicating my constantly sore back. I just aggravated it a lot lately. I guess picking up your three year old in a public restroom stall and holding her over the toilet would probably do it. But I am thinking when you stand straight your body should be - check this - straight. Time to find a chiropractor. On a side note, I wonder how long till I learn self-diagnosing on the Internet is just plain dumb? 

- Speaking of toilets little miss sassy pants WAS doing fabulously in the potty department. Even the big one. For like, four days. Then Saturday came and she decided she enjoyed sitting in her pee pants. 

- We were driving home from my parents house the other night as we do most nights and all of us had quite the sing-a-long going. Letty can really belt out Rock Me Mama Like a Wagon Wheel and there's just something really cute and funny about that. And how excited she got when she realized what song was on.

- I had the pleasure of dropping in on my sister's best friend's bachelorette party Saturday night. I put on my big girl pants and joined them at Marian Court for a drink. Beth's friends are such good people's. It warms my cold frigid heart to know she's surrounded by such good people's. Oh! And if you follow me on Instagram then you already saw their rousing rendition of that song from Bridesmaids. Those girls love that song! Hee hee. 

And yeah. That's all of note from this here weekend. Happy Monday. I'll be the lady walking waddling like I have a stick up my ass.