my top FIVE favorite tv shows

Whatever Wednesday gave me a topic idea I love! A list! Involving something I love! My top five favorite television shows. I'm going to go with what I love right now. Because I can't possibly narrow it down to all time.

Lost. This show. I've watched beginning to end more times than I'd like to admit. I only discovered Lost about two years ago so I had the luxury of watching episode after episode with no waiting. Which come to think of it is pretty much how I like to watch any show. I can't handle the wait. And this show might have been torture to wait for. I have so many theories for this show and what the island is and what the finale is all about but that's for another post. On a completely different type of blog. But if I can't find something to watch while I run? I turn to this show.

Homeland. I watched the first two seasons of this show back-to-back and now I'm impatiently waiting for season three. Waiting isn't fair. It was a wee bit difficult for me to imagine Major Winters in a potential-terrorist role but once you let that go it is phenomenal. Also, Claire Danes is the ugliest of ugly criers. 

The Walking Dead. Hey! It's the guy from Love Actually! Why does he sound like he's from the South? Wait.... WHY IS HE SHOOTING THAT LITTLE GIRL!? Oh. Zombie. Got it. Carry on. 

Newsroom. He may not be making me laugh while having explosive diarrhea but he makes me laugh with other perhaps better things. His wit. The lines in this show to me are excellently delivered. I feel smarter while watching it. I will have to wait on my brother's verdict to see if there is much fact to it. In the meantime I shall continue watching in blissful ignorance. I feel like that's a conflicting sentence to the entire premise of this Newsroom. Hmm. 

Sex and the City. I'm a real girl!!! This is another show I waited till it was completely done filming before watching. I will never forget where I was the first time I watched an episode. In my Floridian Friend's first Orlando apartment while she was slaving away at her job. On her futon. And I might have watched the entire season in one day. Instead of going to the pool. Then I flew north and went to Target and bought the entire enormous box set that up until that time was the second most expensive purchase I've ever made (first most expensive being a Gucci purse and wallet in Rome that may have resulted in my father halting all future purchases on my credit card. I TOLD him I would pay him back. Sheesh.) There is an episode of SATC for every single situation in life. Every one. I have actually used that sentence in day-to-day conversation. The clothes and setting are fun fun fun. The dialogue hilarious. It is the epitome of girls shows. That maybe my husband watches. Maybe. I might have to write a future post about my top five favorite SATC episodes. 

And that's how it's done.