millions of peaches

Peaches for free. 

Or a nominal fee. Either one. 
Peach season is a little late this summer due to a cold Spring. Something along those lines. I convinced my mom that picking your fruit right off the tree is actually much more fun than driving to your local farm stand or grocery chain. I think I may have made a convert. Cherry Hill Orchards we visit you once more! It only took us three attempts at leaving the house to get to you! Firstly a forgotten camera (gasp!) and then a pesky home alarm trigger and a chit chat with a cop. I love chit chatting with a cop. I so rarely have the opportunity to do so. But aren't you glad we kept on going Cherry Hill? Third time's a charm!

New fact? Letty loves to pose with peaches. And she is just so cute in all of them I can't help but include. 
//yes I have the maturity level of a twelve year old boy\\
They aren't quite ripe yet but in a few days I have visions of a peach cake/bags full to freeze/giving the biggest one to David and watching him go to town and Matt is thinking peach wine. Peach. Wine. 

See what I did there? Made a post out of nothing? Yup.