might as well be a bullseye

Has anyone noticed that the weekend's posts are all movie quotes? No? Anyone? If you have and if you know the movie, well then, I love you.

Kerri's last day... She put up with me first thing this morning while I ran my 9 miles. Then I took her to the J. Crew outlet in Hershey followed by Isaac's. There is no Isaac in Florida. Isaac. Go to Florida. 

This was all followed by a quick visit to the Vineyard at Grandview. We both were first timers here. The view is in fact grand. The wine is good and everything is just perfect here. All so new. Nice large deck, etc. 

I got him this hat at J. Crew because its flipping adorable. And because I take sun protection very seriously here. 

And just like that, my Floridian Friend heads south once again. Thank you for coming up here as always to visit with us and celebrate my thirtieth birthday. Thanks for your generosity and all the fun things we did together. It's pretty rare when two people can maintain a friendship across the country and across a decade with not much more in common other than a few shared years in college. Well maybe some other stuff. YES! But as your mom said, I am the ying to your yang. 

Thank you Matt for taking care of the kids and being the best single parent for the weekend. It was most appreciated and enjoyed. And thanks little tots for torturing your father so that I am forbidden to have a weekend off ever again. ;)