kountry korner and reinholds

Matt's new favorite restaurant people. I am definitely most absolutely being factitious. That is what this post is about. That and photos.

We had an impromptu visit with my in-laws the other night and got to see their new house and all. You know, piled all six of us into one vehicle and had a bunch of laughs when we are oh so smushed. While we were all the way in Reinholds we checked out their new 'hood with a little Kountry Korner. It is a place with food. Food of the fried variety. Matt really loved this. He enjoyed every aspect of it. Have I mentioned that I am a very sarcastic person? I just loved playing with my new camera. And the ice cream. I can always go for ice cream. 

Reinholds virgin no more. Over and out.


  1. yikes! I don't know if i want to see a more crisper and clearer picture of myself...haha.

    no longer reinholds virgins...love it!

  2. You are not allowed to ever take pictures of me eating fried food.


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