humpty dumpty

Oh hey there. It's another s'mores night at the Olsen household. And I'm not even a real s'mores fan per se.... but I thought this would be a good time to show my sister-in-law how my new camera functions. And maybe also talk about what happened to my dear sweet Letty.

First and not of course the most important...the s'mores on the deck stuff.

Are you faint of heart? If so remove yourself from this page immediately. Doctor's orders. Beth. I mean you. We had a bit of an accident here on Tuesday night. Typical of Letty and typical of us... she tripped and fell over a pillow and hit the glass top on our coffee table. She broke the glass. That's how hard she hit it. So take that glass. Table: 0. Letty: 1. 

One trip to the ER and 24 hours later this is what she looks like. My poor sweet beautiful baby girl. The joker.

The facts? I didn't ask because I was too busy trying to not let on how very upset I was by her injury but I think I counted 5 stitches. Two loose teeth. A nice cut right on through her lip. In 5-7 days those stitches shall dissolve and then it is time for mommy to start rubbing vitamin e on her cut like nobody's business. And maybe a trip to the pediatric dentist. I hear there is one around here that has a merry-go-round in their office. That's my kind of dentist. Should be fun.

All joking aside I haven't been this traumatized yet when it comes to my kids. Her broken arm was upsetting of course but that was relatively easy comparatively and it healed and as we all know kids are resilient. But this? It's a totally different story somehow. Being in the room when they had to numb her lip and stitch her up... hearing all their different statements about what was happening... literally holding her down with all my might all while trying to be strong so she doesn't get more scared... I can't even begin to describe that. It's a bad parenting day. That's what my dad said. Tuesday was a bad parenting day. One where being a parent really sucks and it's really painful. I would have done anything to take it all away from her ten times over. 

Thank God she is so tough. She's my Humpty. She'll always be put back together again. In the mean time I'll be dying my hair brown and drowning my sorrows in a nice tall glass of wine. I mean. Right?