how we celebrate three

This was the weekend of birthdays. First up was of course little Miss Letteria. 

I used her actual answers for this chalkboard wall. Her favorite toy? She responded B. Which is what she calls David. Just so we are clear. 

It's turned into a bit of a tradition to take Letty to Chuck E Cheese for lunch every year. It's always been my mom and I. Last year Beth and Matt joined in on the fun. This year Beth couldn't make it but we were joined by those Fitzgeralds of ours. Which just made it that much more fun for the birthday girl. I think three is a good year to take a kid here. She wasn't quite ready till now. She went on rides and played games, even if only for a second. Her attention span didn't quite allow her to soak it all in. 

I know the print quality on these is lacking but they are just too adorable. Photo booths are where it's at. And let us all just say how much we like Matt's beard. Yes?

I'm a really mean mommy and I scheduled her well visit for her actual birthday. No shots though so I have that working for me. We had some time to kill so we took communal living to another level and went to Walmart with the Fitzs. I just love my sister wife. 

She's healthy. That's all we need to know from the traumatic well visit. But it is now party time! Nothing crazy. Just immediate family and again, our neighbors. Have I mentioned how much I love having my best friend be the mom of my daughter's best friend? And the wife of my husbands best friend? Did I lose you there? Yes. How about this big balloon?!

Aunt Beth was feeling nostalgic. The girls wore fairy costumes. Letty's Third Year DVD played in the background. Pizza. Lots of pizza. And presents. She's a lucky girl that Letteria. 

Letty hates hearing the birthday song so she hid while her best friend blew out the candles for her. That's what best friends are for right?

She got a lot of goodies. Lets just say that there was two scooters being driven around our kitchen later that evening. Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate three!