how we celebrate thirty

The big three-oh. That just happened. My day started off with a quick nine miles on the treadmill. I say quick but I mean slow and steady. My legs are still sort of angry with me. My wonderful parents threw me a party because well, they have a party house and they are the best of hosts. This time around they decided to forgo the catering and do their own cooking. My mom and Matt. And boy was that a good decision.  Except as always we make too much food. It's a curse. The weather changed and ended up being great. We put up the bounce house for the little ones. AND! And! The best part!? I walked into my parent's kitchen and what did I find? My uncle and his boys who drove all the way in from Long Island! It doesn't stop there either. They surprised us all by bringing along my Grandpa. It was so fantastic to spend my thirtieth with him. My family and friends. They are good people's. 

Matt made this little concoction. Rum, pink lemonade, blue curacao, champagne and triple sec. I hear tell it was banging. And blue. So win win. 

I give you... The food:

Call me biased but I have the prettiest group of sisters and friends. Right? I know some are missing. But still. 

I stole a lot of photos from my sister-in-law's iPhone because she is much better at remembering to take photos. 

Now what is that in the water? I kind of need to know. 

This cake? I'm a bit disappointed in myself I only had two pieces. Napoleon. Custard. Sugar. 

I have such wonderfully generous people surrounding me. I got wine (duh) and gift cards and the piece de resistance: 

A new camera!!! A legit oh-it-has-a-big-lens camera. A Sony NEX-5R. Whatever that means.  It sounds serious and it is intimidating. So here I am blog world! Real camera! Second genuine surprise of the day and I am not one who is easily surprised. Love it.  

I had so so much fun. I also had enough red wine to float the QE2 so a Burger King run was in order the next day. 

And I played with this and read manuals and got really excited to take pretty pictures!!

Thirty is going to be a great year. How can it not be when you're surrounded by the best kinds of people? Thank you you lovely people you.