five. and because i am incredibly uncreative.

I stole this. Just so we are clear. I found it on dear Alissa's blog and she's quite fun and so let's just channel her for awhile shall we?


I have a passion for:
1. My kids. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that right?
2. Matt. Passion has many meanings I think. And I turn his boxers right side out EVERY TIME I DO LAUNDRY. That's love. And therefore passion. Right?
3.  Wine. I love it. It's my release. It's our hobby. Matt makes it. It reminds me of people who are no longer here and places I can no longer be.
4. Family. These aren't in any particular order. I just love my family. I'm kinda hooked on my parents and my siblings. Too bad guys. I'd like to hang out with them all the time. They are good times. Family is important. Extended or close. Keeping that bond going strong is top priority.
5. Food. If you lived with Matt you might agree with me.

I'd like to do before I die:
1. Learn to speak Italian
2. Live in Italy. But only if mi familia comes along.
3. Drive across country in a Winnebago.
4. Run a marathon. Preferably in a cool location.
5. Own and operate a winery. And we shall name it Previte Vineyards and it shall be mine. My vineyard.
Logo by Ashley Trovato.

Books or magazines I've read lately:
1. Runner's World. Because you just can't learn everything there is to learn about running.
2. The Red Tent by Anite Diamani. Did you know Father Abraham had many sons?
3. Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. This book gave me some nice thoughts after a not so nice time.
4. The Beautiful Creatures series by Kami Garcia. I loved this. The movie was great as well. Easy distracting reads are always great in my book.
5. Can blogs count? I read a lot of blogs.

Favorite movies: (Can I just say how difficult this is for me to narrow down? I love movies. I love quoting movies. I could no less pick my favorite child.)
1. Under the Tuscan Sun. It even tastes purple. Happy sigh.
2. Goodfellas. I love gangster movies. This is my favorite. Funny how? Like a clown? Like I amuse you?
3. Count of Monte Cristo. This movie is amazing. The end.
4. Harry Potter (don't mess with HP) I am feeling a Harry Potter (I initial typed 'potty' my brain is mush) marathon coming on.
5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I could quote this till the cows come home.

Places I'd love to travel to:
1. Greece. Santorini in particular. If I'm feeling rather wealthy I'd enjoy a small yachting adventure around all Greecan Islands.
2. Paris. Just because.
3. California. Wine country. San Fran.
4. Florida Keys. I hear it's phenomenal down there. I want to go to there.
5. Brazil. That creepy Jesus statue and I must meet.

I promise I'll attempt creativity here shortly.