On The Chalkboard: I just can't get enough of this wall. I almost enjoy it when Letty messes it up so that I get to redo it. This was Matt's request.

Reading: I read Kostova's The Historian and thought it was pretty fascinating. So I'm just trusting her and going in for another. The Swan Thieves. I haven't gotten very far yet but I am fully committed to it. If it is anything like the other I'll be sucked in and my head will be swimming with details. 
Watching with Matt: My brother posted the opening scene of this series as a Happy Birthday United States. He's one for sarcasm that brother of mine. But Matt and I were intrigued and the show now has us hooked. The Newsroom is definitely worth a view. It is funny even if it is semi-political.
Eating: I think we have had Mac and Cheese three times this past week. It's just what it is. 

Drinking: I love our Keurig. I love iced tea. For my money it doesn't get any better than Snapple Lemon Iced Tea. Now in k-cup form. 

Planning: It's the summer of parties! Letty turns three Friday (tomorrow!). This little shindig will be nothing like a first birthday party... just immediate family, but I'm still me and there is still planning involved.

Thinking About: We have an illness Matt and I. We love Walt Disney World. Letty has gone the past two years and it is a tradition we would love to continue. But Disney? Minivan? The responsible person in me says the vehicle but the other part of me just wants to see her face when she sees that castle come in to view. Oh and David actually interacting this time? Sigh.

Watching on the Treadmill: As always I'm trying to find something to entertain while running. Steph recommended this Showtime series. I really like it so far and I'm three episodes in. She's good with those recommendations that Stephanie.

As I Type This: I am waiting for these rocket pops to freeze. Or more like Letty is waiting and asking me every 15 seconds. Who knew frozen V8 was such a hit?