class class class

When Kerri used to visit we always hit up Manhattan. Since children came along that had become less of a tradition. This time however it came back. With a vengeance. And just for fun, and because maybe I didn't want to drive again, we took the slightly more expensive but oh so much simpler train. It left from Mount Joy, about 10 minutes from our house and within 3 hours we were at Penn Station. Just like that. With free wifi the whole way!? No brainer. 

Disclaimer: almost all selfies are taken by Kerri

While sitting completely relaxed and snackless on the train I searched for a nearby sandwich shop. Our first selection had macaroons but sadly no sandwiches on Saturdays (womp womp) and our second selection had delicious sandwiches but didn't take credit cards. We stepped back in time apparently. 

While we were tramping around NYC the kids were having a grand ole time. Letty was with her best friends seeing Planes and David was with Nonna and Pop. 

Okay back to NYC. 

The main reason for this little day trip other than reliving our college days was for me to see The Highline. A mythical place I had never seen but had read much about. So we headed there first. 

It's a park on an elevated train platform. Minus the train. Lots of plants and bushes and trees. Park benches. A few shops but mostly not. Pretty unique views of the city. We walked it from end to end. This is a recap:

//this ad makes me giggle\\

//i spy with my little eye the statue of liberty\\

Once back on earth we went to the Biergarten which is attached to The Standard Grill. The Standard upside down. 

We left and wandered and completely by accident and quite surprisingly happened upon an old haunt. It was a bit disconcerting for me to get so disoriented in Manhattan. I lost my sense of direction for a good 20 minutes. This never happens. I blame the Meatpacking District. Stuff got real over there.

But we decided we would pass it by. Shocking I know. Then we thought hey since we are unexpectedly in the neighborhood we would stalk Carrie Bradshaw's stoop. Tradition. 

We headed towards Chelsea. Stopping along 7th at a place called Merchant. Then hit up Pounds & Ounces where it was happy hour. Cheaply flavored mimosas. Kerri has a gift. I'd like to think it is her blondeness. Whatever it may be she has the ability to get free things. So we got free wine and one mimosa. Nice. 

This is where we had the genius idea to go to the top of the Empire State Building. Kerri couldn't remember if she had been and I hadn't been since 1998. We entered the building and turned heel almost immediately. I don't do lines. No lines when I may need the restroom facilities. 

//yay flatiron!\\

We found a bar close by Penn Station because we had some time to kill and because we knew we had quite the long ride home and were going for entertainment. All about making the next three hours fun. 

Then we ate all the things. Which I won't list here for your reading pleasure but trust me it bordered on the obscene. And at 2:30 a.m. both Kerri and I were regretting every last bite.

And once safely aboard train 671 we saw all the pretty things. 

Good thing Matt stayed up for us. To document this:

New York City... Thank you for another good time. Our stomachs are full, our livers are tired, our feet have never been so black and filthy. Until we meet again...