andiamo iphone

Now that I have an actual camera this whole andiamo iphone thing makes a lot more sense. Little random moments that I just don't think to grab my camera for. Not that that diminishes them in my book. So where has my phone been lately? Continue on my dear reader:

//poppop playing with both kids. at the same time.\\

//rock me mama any way you feel\\

//catch it in a mason jar\\

//future twin kiss employee\\

//the man loves hats\\

//sometimes children just make you start to lose your mind\\

//uncle colton love\\

//candy at cracker barrel. seeing these always makes me think of maine and being a kid.\\



  1. the first picture is my fav. hands down.

  2. Can't wait to see what's on the letty can too! ;)

    And nothing wrong with iPhone pictures! It's all us amatures have! Hehe


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