why I prefer being a hermit

You know when you take those personality surveys and they ask if you would prefer to go out to a party or stay home and read? I ALWAYS answer stay home. Even before children. Stay. Home. Somehow I don't really get to do this often enough. I have to see my family at least three times a week and hate saying no. So that all complicates my need for being at home. Oh! Bonus? Kids have an early bed time. So even if one must go out, one always gets to come home by 8. Ish. But on the rare occasion we go out sans children I shall tell you why I do not prefer this.

1) You have to get a sitter. Obviously. I'm sure it would be frowned upon to leave my three year old in charge of my one year old. Probably. Even though I have several amazing family members at my disposal who are willing to watch, I always feel guilty. My kids are out there. It's a lot. 

2) I have to get dressed. No we don't have a naked house, but we do have an athletic-type clothing only injunction. If I go outside I hear leggings are forbidden. Or so I've read. Also forbidden is the wearing of sports bras constantly. That is something I hate. I have to put my rings on. Make up. Gulp. Jeans. And a real big lady bra which makes my skin crawl. 

3) One of us has to be the designated driver. Although I suppose there could be an event or two here and there that doesn't have alcohol most of the ones we go to we have to decide who will be responsible (Matt. Unless there's a child brewing. Then it's me.). This problem goes away when we stay in. Or go to our neighbors. None of these rules apply to them. 

4) Money. It costs money. It costs money because it saves money. Oh wait. No that's the wrong line (if you can guess what that line is from we will be friends for life.). Going out isn't cheap. The movies are like what, $15 now? Back in my day... Ha. Ok moving on. 

5) People. As a general rule I dislike people. As a whole. People watching I don't mind. But dealing with strangers. Small talk. No thank you. 

6) In public it is generally frowned upon to have your phone directly in front of your face at all times. At home this is a non-issue. My kids don't get social etiquette yet. And Matt does the same thing. Fair is fair. 

7) You thought I was done didn't you? Like oh my sweet Lord she can't possibly continue going on please save me. Oh but I will. Going out takes away my favorite thing to do. Have a glass of wine with Matt watching something. TV. A good movie. Whatever. It's what we do. Awh.

I fully expect my social calendar to completely open up after I publish this.