welcome back cotter

Or Fitzgeralds. They had left us for a week for vacation (the nerve!) and we were just thrilled to have them back. We really rolled out the red carpet treatment with kiddie pools and such. Oh how we all missed them. Have I mentioned how great it is to have ALL your best friends RIGHT next door? Well if I haven't mark it down. It's true.

After hours upon of hours of pools and margaritas we had to take party indoors where there's air conditioning. The girls Letty had to stay as close as possible while watching a movie. Note how they sit the same? Those piggies. 

Then we got really crazy and opened up sparklers. Safety first for us. And Liam wore pink boots. I can't wait till these four kids are teenagers and I can embarrass the daylights out of them with photos and stories such as these. 

So welcome back! Next time you take us all with you, you hear?