the weekend she got her first bike

This weekend, courtesy of my parents, this happened:

But before I get into the above I think it's time for a bit of a weekend recap. At least what I got photos of. 

Saturday like every other day was hot. So it was a deck/pool day. We keep our kiddie pool on the deck. Kids are trapped kept safe from falling down the stairs or getting grass in the pool. Close proximity to drinks and snacks. It plays. 

After pool time we were joined by my brother-in-law and his wife. It wouldn't be a weekend without at least one bonding day with these two. Steve brought his rocket stuff. Or some of his rocket stuff? The words are lost on me but he was tooling around. Letty even helped. I think this secretly made his whole weekend. 

My husband... My chef... He cooked one banging dinner. As usual. 

After the kids went to bed we retired outside for drinks and cigars and as always some highly entertaining conversation. 

But then it stormed. 

I was pretty proud of myself for catching the lightening. Just go with me on that one please. 

Sunday my parents treated those of us who are not traveling internationally to a champagne brunch at the Eden. Needless to say it's the only meal I shall be having today. 

And now back to the reason for this post! My parents got Letty her first bike! It's her (early) birthday present but being that it's sort of a weather permitting kind of gift they gave it to her earlier so she could get the most use out of it. The helmet is from us. Big spenders that we are. Gotta protect that noggin. Her Poppop suggested it become a part of her every day ensemble and I couldn't agree more.

David decided that he too could help daddy put it together. Like father like son?

She just hopped right up on it like nobody's business. 

We have a slight issue with watching the feet on the pedals. Pushing the pedals back into the brake position. And not steering. BUT she loved it. She wasn't scared of it. She's trying so hard. We will get there fast I'm sure. Our big girl. On a bike. 

//cue my heart breaking a tiny bit.\\