the first time he touched the ocean

This past weekend we had the pleasure of visiting Matt's aunt and uncle in their lovely beach house in Ocean City, MD. It's been four years since we visited them down there... believe me. We counted. It feels like that was just yesterday, yesterday before there were children involved. So this was the first trip with those two other people that just happen to live with us. I'm a bit neurotic about my kids in other people's homes. What if they break something? What if they talk back to me in front of them? What if they jump on the furniture? What if they won't eat the dinner that was prepared for them? I can assure you that all of the above did in fact happen but I can also assure you that we had the most gracious and understanding hosts. We love them very much and love spending time with some Olsens!

The weekend began with good enough intentions... We left ahead of schedule just to meet traffic and be surrounded by a screaming one year old. For five hours. Think that was a typo? Nope. Five hours he yelled and squawked and complained. That's the stuff patience is made of let me tell you. But we arrived in one piece and were met with the most wonderful margaritas I've ever had. And a walk on the deck. They have an awesome view of the bay and as you'll see later on, of sunsets. 

The next morning (after little sleep but anyone with toddlers knows this is how it works the first night on a vacation) we headed down to the beach. It looks gray but it did end up being a beautiful day. Matt is turning into quite The Tan Man thanks to the beach. David had met the sand before but never the ocean. And typical of that little man he definitely enjoyed. Letteria thought the ocean was just not her thing but that is also typical of her. The sand though, the sand she was just fine with.

//i love seeing these two together. it warms my heart.\\

//the kids with their aunt and uncle.\\

//first glance of that horizon.\\

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately depending on your views of sand, a kid needs to nap. So we left the beach for a late lunch and a quick tub and a nap for D. Then I had a nice little date with my daughter on the deck whilst Matt worked on the aforementioned tan. 

But he doesn't sleep forever. My little cutie. A quick walk and we were then joined by the rest of the family.

Yes vacationing is for day drinking. In this case anyways. But then get this. Aunt Sue took Letteria out on her very first jet ski trip. What not quite three year old hasn't been on a jet ski? They got it up to the very fast speed of 12 mph. Though she looks serious she did actually enjoy it very much. 

And just because I couldn't bombard you with that many photos in one post I'll be finishing up our weekend for you tomorrow.... you're welcome. So Happy Monday!