the day we went to buca di beppo

I recently had the pleasure of being exposed to the Italian eatery, Buca di Beppo. This may not seem like an event large enough to merit it's own post. But oh, you are mistaken.

Letteria, David and I were the only ones who had never been before. So this was special. On the way to the table we were given a brief tour. The walk through kitchen complete with dining table for other patrons (watch them prepare your food say what!?). The Pope Room. Oh yes. A room all about The Pope. Complete with his head on a lazy Susan. I laughed aloud at that one. There was the old wine cellar room where the ceiling was covered with vines and grapes and wine bottles. We ate in the Frank Sinatra room. I dig the themes let me tell you. Although rumor has it some of my relatives find The Pope room to be offensive. I liked it. The place is a maze. I went to find the restroom and needed a bread trail to find our table. 

The food? Well. There was a lot of it. Breads. Salad. Bruschetta. Mozzarella triangles. Penne with vodka sauce. Fettuccini Alfredo. Stuffed shells. Penne all' arrabbiata. Chicken Parmesan. Spicy chicken rigatoni. We almost finished it all. Almost. Great success! Now here is the photobomb.

Check it out. You should.