sunsets times two plus a wee bit of beach

So here we are with part two of our weekend getaway extravaganza! I mentioned yesterday that Matt's aunt and uncle have a pretty nice view right on the bay... It was so nice that it merited playing with my True HDR app on my iPhone.

That done the kids went to bed where they apparently slept better than the night before. Although Matt might debate me on that when it comes to Letty. I was in charge of the easier one so that I could be in tip-top condition for my 8 mile run that was scheduled for Saturday. The run went well which is always welcome. It was definitely a bit surreal to be running down the same roads that years prior I only traversed after a night of drinking with my girlfriend in college. To be up with the sun doing something healthy with my body...etc. Anyways. We headed off to the beach yet again and this little man fell asleep in that short trip to the beach. And he stayed that way. It was the best.

After he woke up we played a bit more until we were thoroughly covered in sand. And by we I mean David and Letteria. My anxiety level was up a bit at what our car seats and Aunt Sue's house would look like afterwards. Then there was more jet skiing! This time she was all smiles and we made it up to 20 mph! We were out there for almost an hour and Letty even sang to Aunt Sue. Down By the Bay to be exact.

Then there was another beautiful sunset and some feeding of ducks. When we woke up Sunday morning Letty laid in bed saying goodbye bay! We had such a nice time on the bay with them! Thank you Aunt Sue and Uncle Glenn! And I'm sorry about the damage to your house.