Rocket man! Burning up his fuse up here alone....

We spent Friday night with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law... which pretty much happens every week. This time they kindly brought David his birthday present. Themed even! Space Man Helmet and rocket jammies! All in honor of Uncle Scoops and his rocket situation. I think the adults had more fun wearing it than the kids. I'm not sure why Letty had to have the bear on her head. Guess that was her form of hat? Oh to be able to read her mind...

Then we saw a cool sunset followed by an epic lightening storm. War of the Worlds sort of lightening storm. The end. 


  1. Uncle Scoops rocket

  2. I want to borrow the helmet. And by borrow I mean you just give it to me. He's so young he won't even know you gave it away.


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