professional wedding photos

Ding ding ding guess what's in! Photographer pictures!!

Now I shall photobomb you with the professional photographer's shots from my sister's wedding. Christopher Whitcomb. Check him out. If you're a Facebook user you can find him here as well. We love him and are so happy with the pictures he got of Beth's special day! If you need a little refresher you can read my wedding recaps here and here. Those pictures channeling Runaway Bride? Turned out AWESOME. Made my dad snicker and that's worth it.

I hate to say it. But this may be the end of my wedding posts. Sniff. Hope you enjoyed the ride.


  1. your mom and dad in sunglasses = my fav (sorry Bethy :))

  2. My favorite hands down is Beth sitting in the chair...she looks gorgeous!

  3. i love the sunglasses pics! what a beautiful wedding!!
    Helene in Between


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