pirate's life for me

Saturday was Baby "No Longer a Baby" David's First Birthday Party. We go big or go home here in the Olsen household. Be prepared for a large photo bomb.

As always... Any quality photos were not taken by myself, but by my amazing sister-in-law Ashley. You can tell which ones are hers because they are good. Not blurry. And you can just tell.

Ahem. So. We like pirates here. Especially Matt. Our first ride we always hit at Disney World is Pirates of the Caribbean. So we had a boy and he shall therefore like pirates. That's how it works right? We went a bit over the top as far as decor goes. Themed things as much as possible. Had too much food and too much hooch. But it was fun. :)

I had taken monthly shots of David throughout the year and I displayed them on my mantle as seen below. I got the idea from Stephanie - I'm not that creative. I had Pirate's Booty and eye patches as favors but I think no one seemed to get that memo. 

And. Let's talk about my chalkboard wall. Because. I love it. The end. 

These gold foil covered chocolate coins were a huge hit with Letteria. Just not sure the other guests knew that they were available for the taking. I need to label this stuff apparently.

Matt made a mean rum punch and watermelon that was infused with tequila. Neither of which I tried. I can't handle my hard liquor. We know how to roll for kids parties. The food was made by my Matt, my mom, my sister, and my sister-in-law. We put people to work. Thank you to those who helped out. It was so very nice not having to worry about every little detail. That and I don't cook. I did the fish and chips. 

The cake, courtesy of my mom and dad came from the Lititz Family Cupboard. My mom brought in the invitation and they nailed it. I couldn't love it more. And it was tasty so that's always a plus.

David's adorable shirt came from BUniqueDeZigns on where else but Etsy. The shirts run real small but she was kind enough to alert me to that fact. It was a hit. That shirt. 

//i just need to point out that we have almost all olsen cousins in this picture. missing just one.\\

I take photos and videos from throughout the year and I turn it into a movie with music, etc. Unfortunately for those who stayed inside it was on repeat. Thirty-five minutes of goodness over and over again.

Gift time! He got a lot of great things! Biggest ones being a push buggy, a cozy coupe, a pirate ship car, a wagon, a roadster... and these little squishy cars that I just can't help playing with myself. Thank you to everyone!

True to Letty form she left the building for the singing and the cake stuff. It's her process.

So that's that. Thanks to anyone who could make it to the end of this super long post. Or to those that came and/or helped out on the big day. And happy birthday David once again!