music in the vineyards

Have I mentioned that we love wine? No!? Well, we love wine. We happen to live within six minutes of a vineyard too. Nissley Vineyards has a summer concert series every Saturday night. Obviously called: Music in the Vineyards. So when friends of ours asked if we wanted to join them this past Saturday night we didn't even waste a New York minute responding. My sister and brother-in-law had the job of watching the kids and off we went. Date night! This night's band was The Boomers, playing top 40's, classic rock, etc. We had no idea what to expect walking in to it. Other than it costs $15 a person and you can't bring your own booze in but you can bring food. Oh and bring your own chairs. We only learned later that it's quite easy to sneak in hooch but we are I am a rule follower so probably wouldn't do it anyways.

You can imagine our surprise when we saw people were setting up tables adorned with candelabras and the like. Food everywhere. It was actually kind of beautiful all lit up once the sun went down. All kinds were there... young and old alike. Drunk and sober alike. Although Matt and I query... How does this even work? You pay to get in. Bring your own food. Pay for their booze. Hmm. I just wonder. 

It was hot. Oh so hot. The occasional breeze that came through was like manna from heaven (yes Holly I know what manna is). Regardless it was a fun night. Fantastic people watching. And I need to get those wine spikes. I am turning 30 here soon. Hint hint.

And Matt will not like this picture. But I do and it's my blog. Besides we never go out and we never take a picture with just the two of us. And it was hot. This proves it.