lititz parade

The Fourth of July used to be one of my favorites. All the New Yorkers would come down for a big BBQ and my mom's famous Mac and Cheese and fireworks. My brother would make a mixed CD of all songs American. The fireworks would rival Washington D.C. I kid you not. Or a little.  All our friends would drive over and my parent's lawn became a parking lot.

But time changes things. My uncles started having kids and shooting off fireworks became a tad reckless. Which is true. So through the years our big party has dwindled. There are only a few of us left. My brothers have moved on. One to fireman school in MD and one to Europe. I mean. The nerve. So who is left? My parents. My sister and her husband (yay!) and Matt and I and kids. This group happens to get together a few times a week and so it really doesn't scream out holiday! In an effort to make new memories and start new traditions we all headed on over to the nice little town of Lititz for their parade on Wednesday night. 

We arrived about an hour early and left a stroller to guard our curb spot. We got pizza in a place where the AC wasn't nearly low enough but the food was banging. Once the parade started people sat in front of our spot... You see we were on a bit of a corner. Nothing frosts my cupcake more than rude people breaking the rules. So in order for Letty to see I had to sit my hiney butt in the street.

It took her some time to get the hang of it. Run out quickly. Grab candy. Return. Many older kids would grab her candy just before she got there. Many people handing out candy didn't hear her pitiful cries of please! But just as many nice people would share their candy. The candy might have made her LIFE. And watching her excitement grow with every Tootsie Roll was pretty cool too. 

So we did it. We lost some water weight in the heat. Laughed at a little girl's joy. And clapped for our armed services. And maybe made a new tradition along the way. Maybe.