just call me betty draper

Except don't because I think she's a bit mean.

This week's Whatever Wednesday topic is: what decade I would like to live in and why. Now I happen to know the answer to this question before I even finished reading it. It's the 60's. I've always fancied myself a bit of a 60's housewife. Except totally absolutely not. The entirety of what I am about to write is riddled with half truths. You'll see soon enough. 

This decade has a lot going for it historically speaking. The Vietnam War, JFK assassination, MLK assassination, Woodstock, first man on the moon, Civil Rights movement. While war time wouldn't be the best time (clearly) I think there is something to be said for being a part of history. Seeing it happen around you. Except that Cold War stuff. Icky. I can just see my brother in all his history teacher glory shivering. But this decade sure had a lot of history book stuff going on that I wouldn't mind being a part of first hand.

The counterculture... The music... The Beatles, The Doors, etc. Movies started getting good... The Sound of Music, Breakfast at Tiffany's. The bikini became popular, I mean really. There is technology... just enough to give you some conveniences without distracting you completely.

Mostly when I think of the 60's I picture the home. The husband working in the city taking the train home every night. Driving with out seat belts. Picket fences, you know, that sort of thing. I think I'm just picturing my grandparents. Or Mad Men.

I think there's something to be said for the very gender specific roles of that time. However I am the farthest thing from a subservient wife. Ask Matt. But occasionally I might envy the ease. The clear lines. But let's be honest, this just would never work for me. I physically cannot and will not bite my tongue. Good thing towards the end of the 60's the counterculture was breaking those lines, so I wouldn't have to live it for long.

Wearing "slacks" to choir practice during a snow storm? My grandmother once told me this was quite a radical idea and it even required approval. Now I love me some pants. I prefer leggings and sports bras every day over slacks though. But maybe for a while it might be nice to have to put on your face... Do your hair... Wear nylons (gasp!). To take that kind of care and pride in your appearance. To get ready for the day. For a little while. I'd probably give it a day. It wouldn't be me to deal with vacuuming in heels. Let'sbehonest. 

I know every generation says it but I'll join in. It was an easier time. A more innocent one maybe? Playing outside all day with your friends... Only coming in for dinner. Walking everywhere. Being outside. Trusted. Safe. Neighborhoods and block party's. Impromptu games. More respect and responsibility. Less coddling. And a whole lot of other things good and bad.

Yes I am totally basing this on the movie Sandlot. But so what? This is all hypothetical and supposed to be fun. So mock you all you wish but if I had to leave this decade I would choose the 60's. For all of the above reasons that I love and yet would loathe. It seems to me a decade right in the middle of things. The forefront.