'Tis Wednesday. We know what this means. It's Whatever Wednesday! This week's topic is all about heartbreak. And loss. Now I feel like I have done a bit of that here. And here. And I personally want this space to be a positive one. Most of the time. I can hate my life all I want in my head, but on here I'd rather try something different. So let me tell you about a time I was really truly heartbreakingly devastated.

My heart first started breaking in November of 2008. I had seen this movie... You may have heard of it. Twilight? So I saw it in the theater. I was intrigued. The soundtrack was amazing. Rob Pattinson was cute. He sang a few songs on said soundtrack. Which for the record I love. So I read Midnight Sun. It was free on the author's website. I thought I would try it before I committed. To say I was hooked or fell in love or whatever would be an understatement. I read it within a matter of hours. I read it again. I ordered the hardcover box set of the four published Twilight books. I didn't put them down. By the time Christmas came that year of our Lord, 2008, I had read all four books (this was before the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner came out which I have since read as well. Naturally) from cover to cover four times. The movie... Well it just wasn't good. But I had faith.

Cue November of 2009. I could probably have quoted the book verbatim by this point. I had a New Moon t-shirt from Bloomingdales. My girlfriend and I had totally stalked out Dr. Carlisle Cullen at the mall. 

I pre-ordered tickets and I went to the midnight showing along with thousands of other Tweens.  My heart broke more. How could they do this? They got a bigger budget. A new director. Taylor Lautner went to the gym. How? Sniff. At least I had this to make me giggle. Excuse the bad video quality.

Yet I still kept going. When one of your favorite series of all time is translated to the silver screen you do just that. You keep going. I had to see it played out before my eyes. I even had to own the DVDs. Because it's my favorite. It is what you do. 

At this point you can imagine what comes next. June 2010. Eclipse. Eight months pregnant. Midnight showing. I almost got slaughtered by the other crazed fans. Sigh. That movie? Two words. Bad. Wigs. I could say more... but I won't.

Two other Twilight movies came out (five?!). I did my duty as a Twilight Series fan and I went to each one. I no longer went to the midnight showing. Hell I only went to a matinee. I didn't don a Cullen t-shirt. But I went. Breaking Dawn Part Two actually had me fooled in the theater. I told Matt it was the best one yet. Then I watched it with him at home. I was ashamed. I may have hidden my eyes. She was a good vampire. But not as good as in my imagination. Oh sigh. You Twilight movies you. How could you hurt me so? And countless Tweens?

At least I still have the books. And the hope that one day another production company will just start all over again. Sorry if I offended any Twi-hards out there. This is just my lowly opinion of something that broke my heart into itty bitty little pieces.

And don't EVEN get me started on the Harry Potter series AND movies wrapping up. Heartbreak central. I love all the books. All the movies. I need more. J.K. Rowling hear my plea! At least I will get to relive them all through my kid's eyes. That's a day I look forward to. Oh and going to The Harry Potter world at Universal. Butterbeers at The Three Broomsticks? Yeah, I'll take two. 


I apologize to all you lovely women that shared a truly sad story. I applaud you and I respect you. I am not mocking you. Just know that.