girl code for big girls

Here we are back with Whatever Wednesdays. And this week's topic is: Girl Code. You know... Don't go out with your best friend's ex... Don't wear the same dress as your girlfriend to prom. Etc.

As I tend to do I'll take it a different route. Mother Code? I am, in fact, a mother (you didn't know?!?) and once that happened I am unable to have one coherent thought that does not apply to that new job title. The old me perished and the mother me is now all there is. So. Mommy Code.

Now I don't have a ton of friends with children. But I have a few. And basically where I'm coming from is how I like to be treated personally and how I like my kids to be treated.

- If you give your kid snacks, it's pretty cool to ask if my kids can have them as well. But ask me first just in case I'm in a no snack before dinner Nazi type mood.

- Keeping with the food train of thought it is totally awesome when you have kid-friendly food available if we are present for a meal. It is really alarming when the only thing on the table my kid will eat is Ketchup. It's happened. And it isn't pretty. But she was quiet so I guess it was win win. I have a friend who actually cuts the food up into age appropriate bites FOR me. I mean. Friend jackpot. Cough. Steph. Cough.

- Have your kid say thank you. Even for the tiniest little thing. I want polite kids. It's important. I personally am training my kid to say Miss or Mister before a name because I'm old school like that. Unless we are tight in which case you will be Aunt or Uncle. I think it's strange to hear a kid just say a first name. At least I'm not going for the Mrs. Olsen. Yikes!

- Always clean up the mess you make at a play date. Don't leave that poor mother with that mess. Although in my house if you cleaned up you would probably not do it "right" but that's just because I have serious issues that I need to see a Buddhist about.

- This may go with out saying, but treat their kids like you want them to treat yours. This can get touchy. But if my kid jumps on your couch and that's not okay in your house, tell my kid to knock it the eff off. Perhaps in kinder words. I appreciate it. Trust me.

Image Source. Included for no other reason than it's funny.

- Don't you dare judge. I mean it. There is nothing worse that just needing someone to listen, someone who can relate and having someone make you feel like you are the worst mother out there because no they never yell. No they never spank. No they never lose their temper. Nope. Not us. Worse than Honey Boo Boo's mama worse.  That's how I'll feel. Tell me your Sarcastic Mother Of The Year moment. I've got some doozys. I want to hear yours. I'll tell you it's okay I promise. Because it IS.

And yeah. That's my take on the new girl code. Mommy Code. It's the new black. Another Whatever Wednesday come and gone.