fourth. the fourth.

Here we go trying to make new traditions. Day two. I give you: The Progressive Dinner. I say they are making a comeback. Our first course started at The Sauder residence. The Colton Sauder and Beth Sauder residence. To be clear. They hooked us up with some delicious appetizers. And a family photo shoot.

Then we drove the very long ten minutes to the parent's. Did you know in Oregon it must be socially acceptable to stop your car in the middle of a major road (blocking traffic) so you can retrieve a beach ball? A ball no human or dog was chasing? Ball before safety I suppose. That happened between courses and it annoyed us all. Moving on. Main course with my parents. Typical BBQ fair that we all love. And CORN.

Home again home again. Jiggity jig. Or something like that. Side note, does the red play?  Not sure. 

We were in charge of desserts and aperitifs. That's fancy for drinks. We were also in charge of scaring two very little people with cheap fireworks. Torturing more like. Once they were in bed we all hung outside in the heat (much to my dad's disgust) talking about Fourths past and waiting for our neighborhood to start setting off their own display. 

And there goes another Fourth of July. Good thing the weekend is still young, otherwise I may get sad.